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Why it's cheaper to get treatment in Mexico than in the USA or Canada?

There are different answers to this question, but to keep it simple, it is because the general economy of the USA is 15 times bigger than Mexico's, therefore the school enrollment in the US to finish your dental training is almost 90% expensive than Mexico's, in addition the prices that you will find in Mexico are mainly focused to the local population, whom are acostume to pay less than other stronger world economies. In short, in Mexico you will pay only the fair price of a dental treatment.

You save almost 50% or even 70% of treatment you would paying in USA or Canada

What is the difference between a USA Dentist and one from Mexico?

Fortunately, mexican border dentists are very prepared professionals, since most take courses and updates from doctors from the USA and Europe, we also use the same materials as our counterparts from the USA. Now the only difference between one and the other is that in the USA or Canada their fees are higher in general.

Mexican, Canadian and US Dentist use the same materials and techniques because we share mostly the same philosophies of workflow

Your first visit to Tijuana?

In the city of Tijuana we are accostumed to foreign visitors, in addition Dr. Manuel Garibay has his private practice just a few minutes from the Otay International Border, therefore it is safe and easy to reach even on foot. You can get to San Diego International Airport and cross by car or at the crosswalk Otay Border. To enter Mexico you only need to have your updated passport. In case you need assistance to cross into Mexico, you can contact us to give you more details.

We can pick you up at Uber and enjoy the World Famous Tijuana gastronomy. Dr. Manuel Garibay knows a lot of good places for food & drinks. Ask for our personal and best recomendations!.

Save up to 70% of your treatment by treating you in Mexico




Dr. Manuel Garibay has training in Mexico and the USA, so he has at his disposal the most recognized brands of dental materials to achieve the success and longevity of his treatments.


Now I want to show you an very simple comparision of the USA-Canada and Mexico prices per treatment.

  • Composite Veneers: from 100-250 dlls per restoration | USA & Canada 599 dlls
  • Ceramic Veneers: from 400-600 dlls per restoration | USA & Canada 1499 dlls
  • Dental Implant: from 800-1200 dlls per implant | USA & Canada 2499 dlls
  • Dental Implant Crown: from 800-1200 dlls per crown | USA & Canada 2499 dlls
  • One Denture with 4 implants : from 5000 dlls | USA & Canada 14,999 dlls
  • One Denture with 6 implants: from 6,500 dlls | USA & Canada 19,999 dlls
  • Root Canal: from 250 dlls per tooth | USA & Canada 869 dlls
  • Teeth Whitening: from 450 dlls full treatment | USA & Canada  899 dlls full treatment

The savings are impressive, and the work guaranteed.

Rosalba, Los Angeles.

I Know you are looking for prices, let's talk about it!

What treatments can you afford with 1,000 dlls


2 deep cleaning 900 dlls

6 tooth extraction 900

5 Composite fillings 900 dlls

1 Root canal 600-900 dlls

1 ceramic crown 890 dlls

One arch denture without implants (first payment of total 1500 dlls)

1 Dental implant (First payment of total 2500 dlls)

Cleaning, Xrays, Diagnosis 500 dlls


10-20 composite fillings 1000 dlls

16 tooth extraction 960 dlls

4 Porcelain fused to metal crowns 1000 dlls

10 deep cleanings 1000 dlls

10 composite veneers 1000 dlls

2 archs dentures without implants 1000 dlls

1 dental implant without crown, from 900 dlls

2 Ceramic Crowns 900-1000 dlls

Cleaning, Xrays, Diagnosis 150 dlls

What treatments can you afford with 5,000 dlls


10-20 composite fillings 4,000 dlls

10 Composite veneers 5000 dlls

5 Ceramic Veneer/Crowns 500 dlls

2 Dental Implants 5,000 dlls

3 Implant Dental Crowns 4500 dlls

First Payment of One Arch Denture with 2 implants 8,000 dlls (total)



50-100 composite fillings (for you and your whole family)

20-50 Composite Veneers (for your and your wife/husband)

4-5 Dental Implants without Crown

3-4 Dental Implants with Crown

1 Snap On Denture with 3-4 implants and extractions 5000-6500 dlls

2 dentures with 2 or 4 implants and extractions 5000 dlls


What treatments can you afford with 10,000 dlls


6-10 Ceramic Veneer/Crowns 10,000 dlls

2 Dental Implants with Crowns 9,000 dlls

1 Denture with 2-3 implants and extractions 10,000 dlls

First Payment of One Arch Denture with 6 implants 16,000 dlls (total)


20-25 Ceramic Crowns 10,000 dlls

5-6 Dental Implants with Crowns 10,000 dlls

1 Denture with 4-6 Implants, extractions, bonegraft 6,800-9,200 dlls

2 Dentures with 6 implants 10,000


What treatments can you afford with 20,000 dlls


12-20 Ceramic Veneer/Crowns 20,000 dlls

4 Dental Implants with Crowns 18,000 dlls

2 SnaP On Dentures with 4 implants and extractions 25,000 dlls

One Arch denture with 6 implants and extractions 16,000 dlls


40-50 Ceramic Crowns 20,000 dlls for you and a two or three parents or friends

10-15 Dental Implants with Crowns

2 Dentures with 8-12 implants, extractions, bonegraft 13,600-18,400 dlls

Miraa, Los Angeles.

Who is Dr. Manuel Garibay?

Dr. Manuel Garibay is a dental surgeon certified by the Mexican Dental Association, with a private practice specialized in Dental Implants and Dental Aesthetics in the city of Tijuana. With more than 14 years of experience in various dental procedures, he is widely recognized in Mexico and in the United States by thousands of satisfied patients who visit him from various cities to attend to him.

Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
Universidad Autónoma de Baja California


Graduated in 2009 from the 'Universidad Autonoma de Baja California' the most prestigious house of study in the state of Baja California, in addition to being recognized as the best University in northwestern Mexico, and entered the top 10 of the best universities in Mexico in 2017.

Harvard University, Boston.
Harvard University, Boston.
  • Mexican Certification ADM.E.C.0931-01/1
  • Certified in Mini Implants and Prosthodontics by ADM
  • Continuing education courses at Harvard University.
  • Certified in Dental Implants by Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua
  • Certified in Soft Tissue Management and Implants by Internacional Academy of Dental Implantology
  • International Speaker with Implants, Esthetics, and Dental Photography topics.

Zenzao Smile Studio Founder

DBArt Dental Bellas Artes Co-Founder

Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Dental Surgeon

Certification ADM.E.C.0931-01/1

Certification Implants and Prosthodontics ADM

Certification Dental Implants Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua

Certification Tissue Management por Internacional Academy of Dental Implantology

Founder of PHOTO CLINIC ART Study Club

Founder of ALL COMPOSITE Concept


International Speaker

Privade Practice focused on Esthetics and Dental Implants since 2009

Experiencie with this dental implant brands MIS, Biohorizons, DIO, Mega'Gen, Noris, Straumann, Hiossen

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